Understanding Slots Bonus Game

Slots bonus games are also known as slots minigames. There are additional game features or rounds that let you play for extra prizes like free spins, money and special play features. There are types of bonus games which are free spin bonus, re-spin bonus, picking bonus, instant-win bonus, and spin the wheel bonus. This article will explain more bout the different types of slot bonus games.


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Slots Bonus Game

Types of Slots Bonus Games

Free Spin Bonus

To begin with, some bonus games and features are separate gameplay modes, while others expand existing gameplay. This type of bonus rewards you with a certain number of free spins at your current stake. One of the advantages of a free spin bonus is that you do not lose any money when you don’t get a winning combination on a free spin. Additionally, the game automatically plays through the free spins for you. In some free spin bonus games, one can keep stacking bonus symbols or otherwise score more free spins. However, many other slot games with free spin bonuses cap how many free spins you can earn in each round.

Re-Spin Bonus

Furthermore, another type of slot bonus is the re-spin bonus. This is when you get an extra spin at your current stake for free. You land three bonus symbols to trigger a re-spin bonus. Those three symbols stay put, and the rest of the reels spin and you stack up a few more of those symbols to earn additional winnings.

Picking Bonus

Additionally, there is also a picking bonus. It is also known as a pick-me bonus. Some prizes include a multiplier, instant winnings, or a special symbol. Generally, if you select an object that does not have a prize, you don’t lose anything.

Instant-Win Bonus

Moreover, in some slots, the bonus feature requires you to land multiple bonus symbols to trigger it, and you may just get a cash prize, like a small or large jackpot.

Spin the Wheel Bonus

Lastly, there is a spin-a-wheel bonus. This is a type of game or promotion that involves spinning a wheel to determine an outcome or prize. It is often used in casinos, game shows, and other forms of entertainment. In many cases, a bonus wheel will have several different sections, each representing a different prize or outcome. Players spin the wheel, and the outcome is determined by where the wheel lands. It can be used in a variety of contexts and can offer a range of prizes, including merchandise, cash, or other types of rewards. Not all slots bonus games are created equal. You should keep in mind these three key features of bonus games in slots when you’re playing:

Hit frequency

Few bonus games may make the slot boring and monotonous. If the game is very fun and rewarding, it might not be worth playing if it’s so rare. Most slot makers have figured out how to balance regular bonus gameplay so you get the best of both worlds.


The main reason to play slots is to win money. So you should want a slots bonus game that pays out. Like regular spins, how much you can win depends on how much you wager.


Lastly, the other reason you play slots is to have fun. Some may find certain bonus games to be too confusing and difficult. Other people may find some bonus games to be too simple.


In conclusion, there are different types of slot bonus games. Some of them are the free spin bonus, re-soin bonus, picking bonus, instant-win bonus, and spin the wheel bonus as explained in this article.